The Wealth Magic Workshop

Wealth Magic Workshop
Run by Transformation and Enlightenment Teacher and Feng Shui Master Marie Diamond who starred in the global phenomenon The Secret, and Global Wisdom Teacher and TranceFormation NeuroSuccess™ Coach Marilyn Devonish, this unique one day Wealth Magic Workshop is designed to create more magic and flow when it comes to abundance, happiness, wealth, money, and living a life of greater energy, joy and ease.
Wealth Magic Workshop
5 Part Online DVD
Wealth Magic Workshop – Online DVD Parts 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5
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What Can You Expect from the Experience?
We had people take part via video Live Stream from around the world, as far afield as Australia, Canada, the United States of America, Europe, and the UK. Our intention is that whether you are taking part live or watching this video recording, you will have the same transformational and life changing experience as being with us in the room. Below is some of the feedback from our video attendees:

It was an amazing experience. You are both masterful teachers, and I hope to follow in your footsteps! It really did feel as if I had been in the room with you. The energetics of these classes and their transmissions is amazing.
Thank you both so much for an amazing day. I felt part of the room. I would definitely attend this way in the future if it was available. Looking forward to the recording to see if I missed anything. Much love to all especially my live stream buddies!
Wow! Thank you, Marilyn! I could feel energy running through my body the whole time (during the Huna and Access Consciousness Session), especially when you were talking about releasing past life issues. I could really feel it in my heart and throat. I could see your aura on the screen. It was brightest when there was a run of things you were saying, w/o looking at the post-its. Very powerful! I can still feel the energy coursing through my body now and feel the need to drink lots more water.
I am loving this live stream. Great to interact with Marie. Fabulous Marilyn, feel like I am actually there.
Thank u thank u thank u! What abundant blessings I feel multiplying in the very near future- great energy and what a beautiful day and event this was! Live Feed was incredible and so blessed to have been a part of it.
I'm so grateful there was a live stream. I would not have been able to attend otherwise. And yes, meeting people in person is nice, however, this is amazing as well.
I was just looking through my notes from yesterday, and realized that I hadn't shared one thing that I had learned. It really hit me just now when I read that Marie Diamond said that she saw money as light, during one of Marilyn's processes. If we all just saw $ as Light, what a different world it would be!
Wow, amazing meditation thank you thank you thank you. I was in tears.

All of this happened in real time while people were watching the video live stream on the day so there is no need to ‘wait and hope’ for change and transformation, all of this wonderful and magical energy awaits you from the moment you choose to get started.

What Do We Cover During the TranceFormational Day?
  • Clearing your mental and energetic blocks to success
  • Changing and transforming your physical and energetic relationship with money
  • Resolving old money karma, negative emotions and limiting beliefs
  • Using Feng Shui Alchemy to create a magical home and office environment that supports and enhances your physical health, emotional wellbeing, and financial success
  • How to really tap into the Law of Attraction and have miracles happen faster
  • Activating and using your Intuition Guidance System to attract greater success
  • Enhancing your Feng Shui Heavenly Luck, Human Luck and Earth Luck
  • Clearing and releasing old ancestral and genealogical and past life blockages
  • Learning the secret behind the movie The Secret

In terms of Energetic Clearings and Processes you get to experience:

Marie Diamond taking your through her Tubes of Light meditation to help clear your energetic system and set up your universal protection grid.

Marilyn Devonish taking you through her now infamous Huna and Access Consciousness Belief Change Session and Energy Transmission.

You will also learn about and experience:
  • How to connect to and switch on your White Light and Golden Light Energy
  • Activating and consciously connecting to your Quantum Point
  • Connecting with your higher mental body and soul light
  • The Soul of Money Karmic Release Process
  • The Golden Candle Activation with Marie Diamond for radiating more wealth and abundance into your home
Wealth Magic Instant Access
Wealth Magic Workshop Overview

The Wealth Magic Workshop was run jointly with Marilyn Devonish and Marie Diamond, each running 3 Sessions throughout the day, each Session and series of Processes and Exercises leading into and building onto the next.

For maximum benefit and results I would suggest that you go through the whole Programme and complete all of the Exercises, Meditations and Processes. Thereafter there may be things that you want to revisit and repeat.

Opening Session: Tubes of Light Visualisation Meditation with Marie Diamond.

Morning Session 1: Exploring your Money Beliefs, Uncovering your Money Identity and self-worth, Ancestral and Money Genealogy Patterns, Connecting with the Energy of Money (for this you will need a £50, $100, €100/highest denomination note you have access to), Dialoguing Your Relationship with Money, Uncovering Your Money Script, and Opening Your Money Receiving Channels.

Morning Session 2: Changing Your Heavenly Luck and Wealth Destiny, Clearing and Healing Your Home and Office Environment, Exploring Your 4 Personal Feng Shui Success Directions, Activating Your Success Energy, How to Be the King & Queen of Your Energetic Space.

Morning Session 3: The Huna and Access Consciousness Belief Change Experiential Session. The Access Consciousness Clearing Statement, An Introduction to Huna Magic, Unlocking Judgement and Limitations around Money, the ‘Post It Note’ Release Exercise, Tailored Belief Change and Limiting Belief Release Process, Huna Energy Transmission.

Afternoon Session 4: Feng Shui Alchemy. Transforming Density into Light and Cleansing and Clearing the Physical, Emotional, Etheric and Mental Body, Connecting to your Soul Light, How to Consciously Connect to Your Quantum Point, Accessing the Portal to the Universe, Creating a Light Bridge or Antakharana to allow Universal Light to descend, Building and Radiating Your Energetic Lighthouse.

Afternoon Session 5: The Soul of Money Karmic Release Process. The Passage of Time to the Point of Creation of Money, Connecting the Soul of Money, Uncovering the Energy, Beliefs Karmic Associations to Money, Releasing Negative Associations and Money Karma, Clearing old Ancestral, Genealogical and Karmic Ties, Installing New Money Karma and Beliefs, Creating Your Energetic Future.

Afternoon Session 6: Power Colours, The Quantum Colour of the Universe, The Universal Expression of Numbers, Connecting with your Inner Value, Candle Activation with Marie Diamond (for this you will need a gold or white candle and some lavender aromatherapy oil), Using Your Intuition Guidance System.

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This Event is About Real and Practical Steps and Taking Action

This is both an ancient wisdom packed, highly experiential, and hugely transformational day. Not just an informational Workshop, our delegates were out and taking massive action within hours of completing this Workshop. They were energised and focused, and noticed changes in their mind set, physical energy levels, and had the drive and motivation to take make changes and get things done.

Below is just a little of what our delegates both attending in person and via online video experienced following the event, with pretty much everyone implementing the changes and doing things they have been meaning or wanting to do for years the by end of the very next day:

Definitely a spring in my step Marilyn and Marie. Cleared my practice room for meditation to face my success direction. Spoke to the hubby about reorganizing the bedroom and starting on the office tomorrow …This was a powerful and joyful day. It really does feel like a turning point in my journey of stepping into full power. Thank you so much for sharing with such depth, heart and spirit. I feel blessed to have been with you and this group of radiant souls. Look forward to the next steps. Whoop Whoop!
It was all so wonderful! I can't believe I was so bright and breezy this morning after 4 hours sleep 2 nights running! Amazing!!!
After 2am chattering at hotel - I only fell asleep at 4.30 am. Barely 3 hours sleep and I was up and energetic. Long drive home... afternoon to shops in Chelmsford & Free Port Designer Village and still awake / mentally alert lol ..Tried to nap & didn't happen lol ...Energised! Yay!
Awesome best, most productive and weirdest day in ages! X thank you x · Ps. I feel like I don't quite know what happened but whichever piece it was or the sum of the parts it is really really powerful.

Marie Diamond said having taken part in the Huna Session conducted by Marilyn Devonish:

Yesterday evening after the wealth magic day I was invited to speak at the largest business expo of Wales, UK on November 2nd. They are expecting 28,000 people. Other speakers will be one of the celebrities of the Dragon Den, plus they asked me to speak as the second speaker on 4 events with Les Brown. Within a few hours of the wealth magic. Even the teachers get huge breakthroughs teaching wealth magic to you. For me it was the Huna meditation that made a big shift. Thanks Marilyn. Marie Diamond
Marilyn Devonish FaceBook

There's a lot more feedback, and it has continued to flow in, so this just gives you a taster of what you can expect upon completion of the DVD / Video Programme.

How to Gain Access to the Wealth Magic Workshop

Upon completion of your Purchase you will be sent a password via email. Simply return to this page and enter your password and you will have access to all 5 of the recorded live video DVD Sessions. You have lifetime and unlimited access to the Programme so can return to it as many times as you choose to.

You will also receive Bonus Handouts of all of the PowerPoint Presentations.

There is also a Private Wealth Magic Facebook Group so if you would like to join that please email: upon completion of your purchase and either myself or Marie Diamond will add you.

To your Magical Success

Marilyn Devonish & Marie Diamond

Yes! I’d love to join you on the Wealth Magic Journey!
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Money Breakthrough Programmes

The 28-Day Money Breakthrough Programme
This eCoaching Programme is designed to uncover and change your relationship with money.
Science of Getting Rich eCoaching & Webinar
Science of Getting Rich eCoaching & Webinar Programme
This is the option for the Science of Getting Rich Webinar eCoaching & Book Programme. This is separate to the Money Breakthrough Programme.
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Science of Getting Rich eCoaching & Webinar
The 28-Day Money Breakthrough Programme
This option includes the 28 Daily Money Breakthrough eCoaching Exercises, Lifetime Access to the Private Facebook Group, and copy of mp3 Coaching Calls if you have missed the Live Teleseminars. 
Price :   £147.00
Live Money Breakthrough Session: Launch Price
Live Money Breakthrough Session: Launch Price
This option includes the 28 Daily Money Breakthrough eCoaching Exercises, Lifetime Access to the Private Facebook Group, and copy of mp3 Coaching Calls if you have missed the Live Teleseminars. It also includes a series of private 1-2-1 Money Breakthrough Coaching Sessions with Marilyn Devonish. Private Sessions are by appointment via phone of Skype.
Price :   £650.00

All prices include ongoing lifetime access to the Private Facebook Gratitude Group.

Click here for further details.

What have people said about the Money Breakthrough Programme?
Marilyn, Yes please feel free to use that quote which I will repeat here - Money has been flowing in my direction ever since I joined your money programme. Have just registered (for your new Science of Getting Rich Programme), yay. I paid using passive income received whilst sleeping, I kid you not!! Bring it on!! Susan Fritsche, Lawyer
Morning Marilyn, I had a super day yesterday, thank you so much. I feel so much more relaxed about money now. I am so tired though. You are so amazing. I have become a fan of yours now and would be recommending you to everyone. I want to do the photo reading now in May. Let’s hope that I will. If you do anything new, I want to be one of the first one to try. This is just amazing. Thanks a million. Sending you lots of love and light. xx
Hi Marilyn, Little update on the finances, for the first time in 4 years both my business and personal bank accounts have + above 0 balances!!!!! It is major! I am really happy I reached this first milestone and I am sure it wouldn't have happened without your great support.
Next milestones are to clear all debts and the make this positive balance climb to over £5K per month in business and in the personal one save for a deposit on an apartment in London (my main residence will remain X with my boyfriend, but a London solid base will give me peace of mind and a work base too). Just though I would share my happy news from today ;-) Thank you.
Thank you for sharing your gift with the world and bringing so many good people and vibes together! Life changer you are!

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