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The Big Coaching Workbook is packed full of coaching questions, exercises and contemplation and reflections that I have devised to help keep you on track to achieving your goals and intentions regardless of the time of year. The first section relates to looking back over last year and reflecting on what has come to pass. The second section looks to identify blocks and barriers to your progress, and uncovering some of the emotions or beliefs that could potentially sabotage your future progress. The third section takes a look at where you really are now and gives some clarity on where you actually want to be. The final two sections encourage you to look forward to the year ahead and identify some of the tools and resources that will more easily help you get to your destination.

So if you want to avoid 'falling off the wagon' yet again, or are looking for tried and tested ideas and strategies to keep you on track in creating more of what you want in life, this 60-Page Coaching Workbook is for you! Best of all, it’s free as a thank you for visiting my website.

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If like me, you prefer to have a tangible copy of this information packed workbook so that you can sit and journal your ideas, then you can purchase a printed version of The Coaching Workbook. The printed version also includes a Free Bonus MP3 Recording of the Coaching Questions and Exercises so that you can relax and fully immerse yourself in being the client.

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The Annual Mind Body Spirit Energy Fest Workshops

Designed to work on all levels; the mind, physical body, and spiritual, the Mind Body Spirit live events and tele-seminars are designed help you get clear, focused, and free of emotional clutter, spiritual blocks, physical imbalances, negative emotions and limiting beliefs. The first Mind Body Spirit Energy Fest Day was a huge success and the next one looks set to be even more amazing.

For those looking for Coaching, Energetic Clearing, Psychic Readings, and Spiritual Development throughout the year then also check out the 3-Month Power of 3 Programme where you get to work with Marilyn Devonish as your Mind Coach, Karina Grant the Quantum Touch expert, and Gina Batt the lifetime Psychic. All 3 combine their skills to provide you with a unique and unrivalled holistic life transformation experience. Working simultaneously on all 3 levels provides a major boost and exponentially fires up your motivation, inspiration, and results. Here is what one client said after just his 2nd week on the Power of 3 Programme:

"A HUGE Thank You Marilyn for the Power of Three! I have had some massive breakthroughs for the year aheadand now expect the most massive growth, expansion, learning’s, connections in the coming months. My very thought patterns and feelings and experience has shifted! It seems like I am living in a new world! Phenomenal!"
Keith Higgs, Authorised Distributor, The Utility Warehouse Discount Club

For further details about the Mind Body Spirit Events, The Power of 3 Coaching Programme, plus updates on live Workshops and Conference Calls throughout the year go to:

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